The Mighty Titan

Who can protect the super-powered protector of the Earth from his own cancer? Based on ceator Joe Martino's own battle with kidney cancer.

War Of The Independents

The Tick, Captain Canuck, Mazscara, Too Much Coffee Man and... The Badger!?! All of your favorite indie super-heroes in one series!


Owlgirls is a crowd-funded series about three sisters who investigate the mysterious and mystical in 1940's New York City.

Cyberine Corps

Forget about Cap, Bucky and Steve Rogers. Cyberine goes from tough-as-nails Marine to the super-soldier, Cyberine USCC.


Whom so ever finds a gemstone shall be given the power of a god! With it, he or she can destroy the barriers between Heaven and Hell.


When Officer Tom Wyatt's wife was murdered he attempted to end his own life. Instead he found himself transported to a ship orbiting the Earth!